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Discover, What is the Wonderplace?

Dernière mise à jour : 12 juin 2023

The Wonderplace is an extraordinary place where inspiration and wonder meet. It's an online platform that offers users an immersive and captivating experience, transporting them into a world filled with artistic discovery, creativity and exploration.As a member of the Wonderplace, you can immerse yourself in a wide range of artistic content.

You can discover new artists and interact with a community of music lovers from all over the world. The Wonderplace lets you push back the boundaries of your imagination, broaden your musical horizons and connect with other music lovers. It's a space where you can nurture your creativity, get inspired by emerging artists and share your own creations with a passionate audience.

Become a key player in the music industry: support your favourite artists and be part of their success!

Explore new musical horizons: Dive into listeners' selections, the latest creations by your favourite artists and the week's trends on our platform.

Expand your social circle and strengthen your ties by creating dynamic communities. Form groups around your favourite musical interests, whether it's rock, old school rap or any other genre you're passionate about. Or create a private community to share videos, chat and collaborate on playlists, whether for a special occasion or just for fun.

Become a pillar of the music industry and play an active part in developing the careers of talented artists. Build a collection of music videos featuring your favourite artists, contributing to their success and creating precious memories for yourself.

Exchange the content you've collected with other users and, if you wish, sell it to invest in new musical discoveries.

On our platform, you're free to live your passion for music to the full and connect with other music lovers like yourself.

For artists:

Connect through music and share unique moments. Our music video platform offers an exceptional opportunity for users to connect through music, increasing the visibility of your content and driving greater engagement.

Let's take a free approach to sharing music. We believe in the free circulation of musical creations. That's why our content policy is open and our selection process is entirely driven by the community, made up of professionals, passionate music fans and even artists, acting anonymously. Together, they choose which music content to promote.

Get closer to your most loyal fans in an innovative way. We know that fans like to keep a souvenir of their past experiences with their favourite artists, whether by buying concert t-shirts or festival souvenirs. Today, we're offering you the chance to transcend this relationship by entering the era of digital art with NFTs (non-fungible tokens):

Give your fans the opportunity to emotionally and digitally collect your concerts, music videos, interviews and become engaged fans in their own right. NFTs will allow them to own a piece of your art, strengthening their bond with you and creating a unique experience.

Want to join us? See for yourself:


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