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Three tools to get started in web3

In this article, discover the three essential tools for getting started

in Web3 music.

1. What is web3 ?

Web3 is an evolution of today's Web that fundamentally rethinks the way artists interact with their audiences and profit from their creativity. Unlike Web2, where centralized platforms often control content and revenues, Web3 introduces decentralized and autonomous concepts. This means that artists can connect directly with their audience, build closer relationships and benefit from new revenue streams. Web3's key technologies, such as smart contracts, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and crypto-currencies, enable artists to monetize their work in innovative and transparent ways. By embracing Web3, music professionals can exploit new opportunities for copyright management, fair revenue distribution and fan engagement.

2. Why get into web3 as artists or music professionals ?

Web3 brings significant benefits to the music industry. It enables artists to connect directly with their audiences, seamlessly and securely. Thanks to technologies such as smart contracts and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), artists can create new revenue streams and strengthen fan engagement. Web3 also enables more efficient management of copyright, royalty distribution and music promotion.

3. Three tools to discover before the summer

1. Bolero is a powerful tool that enables listeners to become active partners in their favorite artist's career. It offers investment opportunities using fan tokens or Song Shares. Fan tokens enable fans to support an artist financially, while enjoying exclusive benefits such as access to exclusive content or special events. Piece Shares enable fans to invest in an artist's catalog and share in the profits generated by copyright.

2. The Wonderplace is an innovative music video sharing platform that embraces the possibilities offered by NFT's. It aims to connect music fans, enabling the discovery of emerging artists and encouraging discussion between enthusiasts. Thanks to NFT's, artists can create unique, immutable works, offering new monetization opportunities. The Wonderplace aims to stimulate inspiration and collaboration within the music community.

3. Revelator Pro is a comprehensive management tool that facilitates the tracking, promotion and management of music assets across Web3 and Web2, enabling artists to manage their rights, track the supply chain, generate financial reports and distribute royalty payments from a single location. Revelator Pro offers a centralized solution to maximize operational efficiency and ensure fair compensation for music creators.

Web3 offers music professionals a new era of opportunities and possibilities. By embracing decentralized technologies such as smart contracts, NFTs and crypto-currencies, artists can connect directly with their audiences, create new revenue streams and benefit from greater transparency in copyright management. Tools such as Bolero, La Wonderplace and Revelator Pro pave the way for a fairer music industry, where emerging and independent artists can find financial support, increased visibility and more effective career management. By embracing Web3, music professionals can realize their full creative potential and actively engage in a decentralized, innovative music community. Web3 represents a chance to rethink the music industry and create a more favorable environment for artists of all backgrounds.

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