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The Wonderplace is coming soon!

Dernière mise à jour : 10 mai 2023

Silence Éphémère announces the launch of the beta version of its platform for sharing music videos via NFTs!

Silence Éphémère, formerly a media outlet that shared emerging artists' music with music enthusiasts and professionals, and now a start-up dedicated to the development of the music industry, is proud to announce the launch of the beta version of its NFT music video sharing platform, Wonderplace, by the end of June 2023.

The platform's mission is to connect and inspire music enthusiasts by allowing listeners to discover new artists, expand their circle of friends by connecting with other enthusiasts, and participate in the development of artists' careers by collecting music videos through NFT technology.

The beta version of the platform will be launched at the end of June 2023. In its initial version, users will be able to explore several features, including the creation of communities to connect with friends or enthusiasts of a particular music genre, share video moments, and support their favorite artists' careers. Wonderplace will also offer artists the ability to sell their music as NFTs, allowing fans to become owners of a part of their career.

Silence Éphémère's NFT music video sharing platform represents a revolution in the music industry by offering artists and fans an innovative way to connect through music. NFTs allow fans to become owners of unique music, creating a closer bond between fans and artists.

"We had a blast making this beta version with some artists, labels, listeners, and partners. The beta version is a first draft of what we believe in: music and sharing. For the rest of the story, the goal is to have no limits in any domain, and we have many surprises in store for you," said Louise GAYMARD, founder of Silence Éphémère and Wonderplace.

Today, Silence Éphémère is calling on music enthusiasts and artists to come and test the platform. Sign up for the beta version on the website:

To learn more:


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